Print spongey and stringy only later in print

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Print spongey and stringy only later in print

Post by Elephant »

Hello forum,

I would like to request your help in figuring out what is the issue with the following print: Image.

The bottom looks fine: Image

So an uneven bed, a tilted gantry axis, bad belt can all be ruled out, as can overextrusion and underextrusion - these issues would show in the first layers, right?

Not just the first few layers - that are printed slower - are fine, the whole section that has a lot of horizontal surface is pretty okayish, as you can see here: Image
It looks somewhat okay up to when the walls get 2-layer thin. I printed the same with an Ender 3 beforehand and the walls got sturdy with that one.

More system/hardware info:
- 0.2mm (standard)
- 200 / 60 °C
- CURA slicer
- Combind is OFF
- Z-Hop on 0.125mm height, 10mm/s hop speed
- Speed 50 (standard settings)
- Filament can't be the cause
- Unchanged gantry, all fans are as they left the factory
- Retraction settings: Image

So that's why I'm now asking here, I would be beyond grateful for any tipps, suggestions
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Re: Print spongey and stringy only later in print

Post by LePaul »

I have two Anycubic Chirons - both are total junk and all apart awaiting complete upgrades and rebuilds.

So you have my sympathies!

I can't see your photos. If you say "spongey", that sounds like very under extruded. Is it like Styrofoam?

The problem with that machine is it uses the absolutely cheapest/worst components. I would really suggest checking out this Teaching Tech website and go through the tutorials and calibrations he describes. Get the esteps figured out, then on to the slicer flow settings. ... tml#esteps
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