Gaps in mid-layer

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Re: Gaps in mid-layer

Post by LePaul » April 5th, 2017, 8:50 am

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Re: Gaps in mid-layer

Post by Roberts_Clif » May 23rd, 2017, 10:52 am

Have been using my printer now for 8 months, and the last time I upgraded the software was over 2 months ago.
I started getting erratic printing, on my Brand New 24V Hictop after some time and dozens on bad prints.

However I had Printed a cover for the Controller board forcing me to bundle the wires runs.
Started troubleshooting this, started with the SD card diagnostics and found it was in working condition. Replacing the LCD Cables the problem still existed.

I have discovered that using the Spiral warp tube to bundle all cables, is really not a good Ideal.
What was happening is the Stepper motor cables were sending their signals across to the other cables making for a very erratic behavior.

1. Using a 10K pull-up on my filament run-out sensor, the signals cross feed into the filament sensor and was inadvertently thinking filament out.
2. Signals were cross feeding into the SD card cable and making erratic print moves. Including crashes into the Bed.
3. There may have signals cross feeding into the Thermal Sensors as I was getting Thermal shutdown readings, temperatures were stable.
4. LCD Cable and SD cable cannot be Married together(Married - layered on top of each other) or you may get erratic print-head moves.

Reran all cables loosely giving appropriate space to avoid signals being inject into the adjacent cable. Specifically the Wires around the Controller.
Shown are the Before Pictures.

As you can see all my cables are running down the side with the stepper motor connectors.
This was causing all my problems, separating the signal cabling giving adequate space between all other control cables, has solved this issue.
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