Strange "spiders web"

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Strange "spiders web"

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Hi all
Here is a strange thing with my prints. I need to print a few copies of a part. They print OK except for what I can only describe as a spiders web, see photos. It's not a problem to cut them off, I just wondered why they are there, everything else is OK.
Very weird.
Anybody else had this?

2020-07-28 10.47.22.jpg
2020-07-28 10.46.58.jpg

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Re: Strange "spiders web"

Post by Roberts_Clif »

Retraction can cause the stringing, though stringing can be caused by filament that has absorbed moisture.

Even it you set your retraction correctly a pressure caused by moisture boiling can cause a fine stringing effect.

I purchase the below moisture eliminator from the Dollar Store and store my filament in a water proof storage container below
Moisture Eliminator.jpg
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