LEDs to light up the nozzle on a CR10s PRO ??

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LEDs to light up the nozzle on a CR10s PRO ??

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I have a CR10s PRO and I thought I had fastened ALL screws but ... oh, I missed the one holding the spring loaded lever for the filament feeder and it got loose and nearly fell off !

Now that I have a breakdown and the X-grantry apart because of loose screws all over I want to design a frame/brachet to hold 4 LEDs nearby the nozzle so I can see what's going on there especially at the first layer.

I can see there is some un-used sockets at the plug board behind where the ribbon cable is pligged in.

I plan to use 4 LEDs with a current use of less than 100mA placed near/around the nozzle.

Could I just switch them into the circuit with the constant running blower or should I make a separate cable (and then maybe even a ON/OFF switch) ?

Any of you have experience, maybe even made light down there ?

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Re: LEDs to light up the nozzle on a CR10s PRO ??

Post by LePaul »

That's interesting... I don't have a Pro so asides the Creality FB group, I don't have much to offer on this one

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