Cura defects in print

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Cura defects in print

Post by JustSumGuy » August 16th, 2018, 1:52 pm

Hi, I am trying to work out some defects in a print, there are lines that line up with other parts of the print, but only in prints sliced by CURA 3.41
If I use Slic3r PE with the exact (as close as I can setup) same settings the defects are not present.

I much prefer using CURA due to the user interface, and speed of handling GCODE, ability to upload directly to duet (with add-on) etc etc.

but this defect is showing up a lot, and it seems to be a sliceing error, IF this is a defect in the STL it does not show up in the CURA Solid view or the Slic3r PE views or anywhere in rendering. Only in prints and only with CURA. You can see in the far right of the picture how the offending line correlates to part of the model. I have spent days trying to adjust retraction, jerk, accel, etc etc etc to get rid of it, and nothing has any impact. Tried Slic3r PE once and it was gone....
Is there a way to set CURA to do more accurate sliceing even if it takes longer?


P.S. this is the barrel of the Colt Paterson 1836 model on thingiverse.

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Re: Cura defects in print

Post by GrueMaster » August 16th, 2018, 10:03 pm

Have you tried an earlier version of Cura, see if it is a new issue? I often bounce between versions on Linux (made easy by their complete lack of an installer for Linux - just a runtime image). I have also seen new issues with 3.4.1. For example, my first few layers seem to be created in a concentric pattern now (used to be diagonal and each layer criss-crossing). Also, (as with each release) I have to recreate all of my PLA configurations and printer settings as it fails to xfer them properly (and yes, I have tried to manually manipulated them after the 'conversion').

Hopefully @nallath will see this.

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