Ultimaker Original+ -- Green Edition

Discussion of the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker Original + (kit and pre-assembled) printers
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Re: Ultimaker Original+ -- Green Edition

Post by LePaul »

I agree. Glue thick can give various thickness even if you try to smudge it around

Diluted wood glue, brushing on and drying has worked great for me. I got about two months of heavy printing out of my first coating. Cleaned and re-applied...works great
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Re: Ultimaker Original+ -- Green Edition

Post by nilrog »

This weekend I assembled the last parts of the #gudoZGE and threw out the stock UMO+ feeder :)

This version is an all-PLA version as I didn't want to try printing the flexible parts with the stock feeder. So next up I will order some flexible filament and print those parts with this feeder. So by time I will slowly upgrade this feeder to become better and better. But already in this state I like it a lot better than the stock one...even if it is still not as good as it could be.

I didn't have much time to play with it yet...but I did some small test prints and they look ok with the same profile that I used before in S3D.

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