Assembly Manual: UM2+ Kit upgrade for UMO+

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Re: Assembly Manual: UM2+ Kit upgrade for UMO+

Post by Amedee »

@LePaul -- We are a bit out f topic here, but I also think you need to sit back and fix your printer before thinking of any upgrade (which won't probably solve anything).
An UMO in good shape is able to deliver perfect prints. I still have an old UMO from the first batches (Batch 3 I think -- electronics is 1.5.3!) and it still delivers quality prints. I can't use it for fancy materials (no heated bed), but for all my PLA prints I don't think I can get a much better printer.

So start with a complete maintenance check o your printer (square axes, loose and tight all pulleys, oil/grease, new Teflon coupler)
That should give you a very good basis to start exploring again.

When all this is sorted, GT2 belts and pulleys are a nice to have -- I got mine from Robotdigg in Asia, quality is decent. Note that this need a custom firmware as the pulleys don't have the same size than the original MXL.
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Re: Assembly Manual: UM2+ Kit upgrade for UMO+

Post by Neotko »

Yea first.

Cup of tea, earl grey hot (capitan picard style)

Dont go on the buy buy route. Been there, done that. I have a replacements box and two drawers with:
- 6 umo feeder motors from pololu distributor
- 4 motors like umo but with more torque
- 3 motor from ultimaker for um2/umo
- x2 feeder motor from um2
- 1 pt100 e3d & heater block
- 2 40W heaters from china
- x2 full shafts set from misumi and igus unopened
- x2 ultimaker shafts from my machines
- x2 shafts sets from china
- 8 peeks
- 14 ptfe couplers
- 6 umo 3mm couplers
- 2 original olsson 3mm (that I didn't bough lucky for me but no use anyway)
- 1 Full frame umo+ and hotbed
- Crossflow fan
- x5 mxl pulley and belts set (two from umo+ and 3 from china)
- x1 gt2 pulley belt set
- um2 25w heater
- pt100 from china
- pancake motor waiting for some creative day
- x3 sets of 2 gears for geared mod
- one z umo+ motor with z nut

oh forgot to add.
- 6 lm6luu bearings unopen
- 10 8mm bearings
- 14 umo/um2 3mm nozzles. (and not from china)
- x2 Misumi z flanged bearings 12mm
- x2 China flanged bearings
- x4 ultimaker flanger bearings


I should make a new umo+ or open a little shop...

So.. Do what @amedee says, sit, chill, read read read read read, and fix all one by one. I made a lot of mistakes on this year of learning, even bough a oscilloscope... At least I used that once to find the motor noise problem of um2's.

I really should start to sell this stuff..
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Re: Assembly Manual: UM2+ Kit upgrade for UMO+

Post by LePaul »

Well starting with a pulley that stops coming loose will be a good start for reliability.
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