Configurazione motore passo-passo - 17HE19-2004S

Discussion of the Folger Tech Large Scale 3D Printer Kits, such as the FT-5, FT-i3 Mega, FT-6 and others
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Configurazione motore passo-passo - 17HE19-2004S

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Ciao ragazzi, qualcuno può aiutarmi con la configurazione dei motori passo-passo? Tutto quello che capisco è che ronzano.

La scheda è una Jackpot v1.2 con stepper TMC2209 e 17HS24-2104S; ... Wires.html

Ho giocato con i micro passi, ma questo fa sì che faccia meno o più rumore...

Ho testato con altri 2 tipi, 42HS34(L)-0954JA05-D21 e 42HS48-1204JA05-D21, da una vecchia stampante 3D, funzionano perfettamente...

scheda tecnica: ... -2104S.pdf
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Re: Configurazione motore passo-passo - 17HE19-2004S

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One. Increase current: When the motor operates at low speeds, the current decreases, can lead to increased vibration and noise.
Two. Reduce load: A heavy load can increased vibration and noise
Hi guys, can anyone help me with setting up the stepper motors? All I understand is that they buzz.

The board is a Jackpot v1.2 with TMC2209 and 17HS24-2104S steppers; ... Wires.html

I've played with micro steps, but this makes it make less or more noise...

I tested with 2 other types, 42HS34(L)-0954JA05-D21 and 42HS48-1204JA05-D21, from an old 3D printer, they work perfectly...

technical data sheet: ... -2104S.pdf
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Re: Configurazione motore passo-passo - 17HE19-2004S

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I have no idea what that board is. Or how it relates to this topic
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