Which is good quality filament

Discussion of different brands and types of 3D printing filament
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Which is good quality filament

Post by KevinJones »

I have been having problems with my printer (Ender 3 V2) failing to feed the filament in during the middle of a print, causing a failed print. (Extruder gear keeps turning, but no filament coming through.) I've inspected the extruder and don't find anything wrong, tried adjusting tension, changed the nozzle in case the nozzle was clogged, and still have the problem.

I don't know that the filament is the problem, but I keep seeing stuff on the web recommending to only use good quality filament. However, I am coming up short as to finding out from what brands/suppliers those may be.

Any recommendations?
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Re: Which is good quality filament

Post by LePaul »

Hi Kevin,

One thing to be aware of is that your filament may not be dry. Filament dryers, like the PrintDry Pro or others get the moisture out

If you're looking for brand suggestions, for the inexpensive brands, ZYLTech makes good stuff. You can also use NerdyisCool and save 5% (coupon code).

Another one that isn't terribly expensive and prints well is the JESSIE brand at PrintedSolid.com They use NatureWorks PLA which is good stuff. The only Con is the material definitely puts out an odor while printing. I print with enclosures that have carbon air filters so that helps a lot.

Matterhackers has their own brand too, their Pro Series and so on. Worth checking into

One thing I advise friends on is depending on the project, you might want to upgrade your quality for material. If you are just printing random fun things for home use or the like, the cheap stuff works. If you're planning to devout days or weeks of printing for a bigger project, that might be something you use higher quality stuff

Some people like eSun and Hatchbox. I've had mixed luck with those. One good spool, next one terrible...that sort of thing.

I've always had good luck with ColorFabb. It costs a bit more but I find it very consistent
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