Best ABS printer available?

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Best ABS printer available?

Post by albertoinbox »

I'm looking for the best 3D printer that will work with the finicky ABS material.

I'm thinking about the most successful, consistent, hassle free prints with the least amount of human intervention (like bed-leveling). Not necessarily a large build volume.

I dont need the most expensive printer out there, looking for the least expensive rock solid ABS printer.

Which one(s) would you recommend and why?

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Re: Best ABS printer available?

Post by Lez0 »

Have you thought of resin printers.
I have a fdm and resin and the resin give better quality prints. There is a host of resins, but this one is very strong:

I have used it and the prints don't break.
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Re: Best ABS printer available?

Post by jellyloans »

While printing with ABS, make certain to utilize an open space with great ventilation, as the material will in general have a slight scent. ABS likewise best sublimation printer will in general agreement a lot as it cools, so controlling the temperature of your fabricate volume and the part inside can have significant advantages.
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Re: Best ABS printer available?

Post by LePaul »

Ultimakers are tanks and print very reliably. And may enclosure options for them, plus fume extractors
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