What resins have you tried? And what are your results?

Form 2, Form 3 , Elegoo Mars, ANYBUBIC Photon and much more....with the prices coming down, many 3D printers employing this technology are available to the masses!
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What resins have you tried? And what are your results?

Post by Buk »

When I brought my Proxima 6, I was offered 50% off of 3 x 500g bottle of Voxelab's own resin.

I bought:
  1. Standard polymer resin Black
  2. Standard polymer resin white
  3. Standard polymer resin clear
The prints I tried (mostly) came out fine. Ie. all the details were there; the specified setting worked fine in Chutubox; with good supports, even thin overhangs worked.

But there were 3 problems:
  1. The clear wasn't clear, but rather a fuzzy opaque that was /*almost*/ transparent when wet -- with water, inside and out, after curing -- but despite hours of work with emery paper starting a P400 and going up (down?) to P2500, was never clear. More like a photo that was slightly out of focus.
  2. The white, was white until I cured it (in my home made, but proper and effective) curring box:
    and then it became yellowish, offwhite.
    Which for many thing is fine, but for some things, not so.
  3. All 3 are fragile. Brittle. They shatter at very low -- real world pull or push -- levels of shrear or stress or strain. Dry spagetti is more resilient.
So, I bought some Amazon Brand -Eono ABS-Like 3D Printer Resin Upgrade Engineering Like Resin which is 3x what I paid for the voxelab stuff, but it is both much more flexible, whilst retaining accuracy and detail.

It's still not capable of this; but on the other hand it is delivered next day and 1/3rd the price.
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Re: What resins have you tried? And what are your results?

Post by LePaul »

I've been tempted to go with a bigger resin machine but I can't safely have one in the house with the pets. Small house, basement full of FDM machines and YouTube studio equipment. I have the resin machine confined to the garage. Given I live in Maine and we have a rather short summer season, my printing season is equally short!
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Re: What resins have you tried? And what are your results?

Post by Lez0 »

I have a Anycubic Photon and used there resin to start with, the red is horrible to work with.
I then switch to Elegoo ABS-Like grey resin and have been using it ever since, it's not expensive gives good results and is strong.
I also use Elegoo translucent, it's not perfectly clear but you get good results if you don't over cure it, I then spray it with a clear varnish to improve the look.
If I need something unbreakable I use Siraya tech Blu, it's not cheap but you can mix it with the Elegoo to make it last longer.
From what I understand most people paint there prints and I do it I need a different colour to grey.
I hope this helps.
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