Brand new to printing

Discussion of different brands and types of 3D printing filament
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Brand new to printing

Post by Bradmxz »

Hi. I received my first 3d printer today. It's the Ender 3. When I purchased the printer, I got a roll of polycarbonate with it as I want to print some parts for my car. I was unaware that I couldn't use polycarbonate with the stock unit so I ordered a roll of pla. I have the printer setup and I did the test run with the included filament and used it all. The roll of pla I ordered won't be here until the 17th of this month. The settings for poly carbonate are recommended at 260 degrees nozzle temp, 110 degrees bed temp at 30 mm/s. Has anyone tried polycarbonate at 240 degrees nozzle with 110 bed at 20 mm/s? Or 15 mm/s? Sorry for the dumb question but the bug has but me and I want to print something else. I really think this won't work but I figured I'd ask as maybe someone has had success. Thanks for any and all replies.
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Re: Brand new to printing

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You could try a small model using these recommended Build plate temperature between 80 and 120°C.
As for the hot end temperature (between 240 and 310°C).

Finally, for best results, it is strongly recommended to have a closed chamber.

I have printed ABS with a Build plate temperature of 96C and a hot end temperature of 232C with amazing results using a enclosed environment.
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Re: Brand new to printing

Post by LePaul »

Be aware that PC emits a lot of nanoparticles/VOCs. Print safe... air flow, air filtration, etc
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