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Re: Ultimaker 2 All Metal Hotend

Posted: September 5th, 2017, 10:26 pm
by eric1565
I had a heat creep issue also on my Anet A8. I built a custom water cooled cold end and it fixed the problem 100%. I am printing in my garage and the temps are between 80-100f. I live in houston tx, it gets HOT here. I have a vid on youtube. HEre is the link

I am 100% happy with it so far. I have not had a failed print since I have installed the new water cooled head. I am also thinking about a new design that will be smaller and more compact. It will still work with the E3D V6 hot end. I noticed that the E3D hot end has a larger thread than the chiniese hot ends I bought. I am assuming they are clones of the older E3D hot ends.