will rubbing alcohol work for cleaning prints?

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will rubbing alcohol work for cleaning prints?

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i know someone asked this the other day, but would rubbing alcohol work? not even due to corona, but in general, it’s hard to come across 99% IPA in canada. the only thing i readily have access to is rubbing alcohol, acetone, and 50% alcohol. which can all be bought at a dollar store for 3$ per 500ml i think.

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Re: will rubbing alcohol work for cleaning prints?

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I purchased some it was the Green rubbing alcohol,, and no 50% alcohol will not work.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.
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Re: will rubbing alcohol work for cleaning prints?

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Corona has made IPA impossible to get or way to expensive. The bottles that were once $1 at the local drug store are no where to be found and on line prices are as high as $40 for the same amount. This led me to search for alternatives. I found this very helpful video:

I have been using Simple Green purchased from Sams Club on line:
https://www.samsclub.com/p/simple-green ... roduct_1_1

The product is concentrated so I dilute it with distilled water. (50/50) My prints are put into a sonic cleaner for about 5 minutes with the Simple Green solution. I then rinse them in warm water before water curing them in my UV chamber. I'm still developing the process, but so far prints come out clean, cured and smell good to boot. :-D

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