UM2+ Printhead Project

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UM2+ Printhead Project

Post by LePaul » June 30th, 2017, 9:43 am

As I mentioned, I would love to mix the reliability of the UM2+ print head/Olsson Block into something large scale

Let's say, for the Creality CR-10 since it is already a Bowden type printer (I'd also like to hack the FT-5 to use it, but that's another project)

A few thoughts on why...

- Use of 2.85 mm filament I already have
- Proven reliability of the UM2+ print head/Bowden setup
- Olsson Block for easy swap out of nozzles without a complete dismantling of the print head
- Higher quality components
- Ability to use higher temp filaments (ABS, PC, PETG, Nylon, etc.)
- Easy to maintain (Atomic Pull!)

On the UM2+ print head
- Sourcing materials
- Keep or replace existing extruder stepper motor? (BondTech?)
- Designing a mount for the print head to mount on the z carriage

- Electronics/firmware challenges?
- CR-10 is an open bed, not enclosed, may make bed temps a challenge for higher temp on that once we get there!

I'm looking around for a CAD drawing of the CR-10, or just the z carriage the stock print head mounts on. It wouldn't be too difficult for me to mill a new one once I have the data.


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