How to attach PEI sheet onto build plate?

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How to attach PEI sheet onto build plate?

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Hi everyone,
I bought a PEI sheet from amazon for my cr-10 s5 printer for a few weeks now and notice its not perfectly flat every where. Its slightly warp here and there. though it was straight and flat when I first got it, and seems to be that way when cooled. The PEI sheet I got is this one:

I also clean build surface (PEI) with acetone before build to make the part sticks better.
I guess I'm not sure how to attach the PEI sheet to my printer and to make it straight and flat. Originally my printer build surface has the thick metal plate bed and then the glass surface on top of it, then I use the small binder clips (came with the printer) to fix the glass surface to the metal plate. So after I got the PEI sheet, I just put it directly on the metal plate and forgo with glass surface. But still uses the small binder clips to fix the PEI sheet to the metal plate. I thought by doing it this way I will reduce the mass on the bed and thus put less work on the motor to move it back and forth, plus the build surface heats up faster.
But I also notice my parts don't come out so flat because the PEI sheet sorta bowed while printing.
Was wondering how you guys do your build surface, and if you use a PEI sheet what you do to keep it flat


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