Looking to enlarge CR10S

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Looking to enlarge CR10S

Post by Tihsho »

So I'm looking to customize my CR10S as I'm having some current issues with it. I purchased the CR10S refurbished from Creality, but I'm having issues left and right with customer support. That said, I figure it's time to do some tinkering with the CR10S and get the build volume from it that I want.

Let me run through some of the stock specs of the printer first so it's clear what I'm looking to change:

Print Volume: 300x300x400 (LxWxH / X Y Z)
Y axis support: Single 2020 extrusion
Power: Mains power 12v PSU
Heat Bed voltage: 12v

The plan that I have in my head is to go through and upgrade the CR10S to have a build volume of, at least, 300x600x400 (X Y Z) which is basically double of the build plate that is currently there. With some of the proto types I print, the additional Y-axis area would prove to be a big help for what I'm doing. Plus this means I won't have to worry about knocking big prints over as they can be adhered to the build plate with more surface area. Theoretically, this means I would just have to replace the three 2020-L400 extrusions with something like three 202-L1000 extrusions to allow for the additional build volume. This would provide extra than I need, but I think I can work this extra space out in the controller board. From there I was trying to figure out if I could run with the OEM Y-axis 2040 extrusion, or if I should go and upgrade that to the dual extrusions that are run on the CR10-S4 and S5 models. I mean this would be worthwhile, no? On top of that the base for the build plate would just be two CR10/CR10S heated build plates, but I'd like to heat them up faster, would I be able to convert them to 24V with an upgraded PSU and an updated controller board to support it?

Just trying to find the best way around optimizing this printer for what I want to use it for. Right now my other Creality products (Ender 3 Pro's and CR10 Pro) are running like a top and print fairly quick due to the heated beds getting up to temp quick. The problem I have with the CR10S at this point is that the bed takes forever to get up to temp and when it does it doesn't stay up to temp for the entire print, which means I start to lose prints when I walk away.

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