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Tungsten Carbide Tool for Nozzle Makers

Posted: September 19th, 2016, 1:06 pm
by Iltacitoduca
If someone is interested I can sell, with payment via Paypal and regular invoice, the Tool to drill your nozzle in a perfect shape.
At the moment I have two shape available, both for 2,85mm filament.
Shape A : 40 degrees 3,2 or 3,1mm in diameter for 18 mm with 4 mm diameter shank
Total Lenght 60mm

Shape B: 50 degrees with same characteristics

Price Euro 120,00 + VAT (Free Shipping in Europe )

Whatever the shape of your choice, I will add 1 HSS-TiN drill bit matching the 3,1 or 3,2 diameter and one HSS drill bit of your choice for the final bore diameter (from 0,2 to 2,00 mm with step of 0,05 mm)