Filament, bearing, electronics and stuff

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Filament, bearing, electronics and stuff

Post by antiklesys » August 28th, 2016, 2:00 pm

Hi everyone,

After my switch to 1.75mm I found myself with a surplus of 2.85mm filament and other stuff.
For what concerns the filament and the PSUs, the delivery expenses are to be paid by the buyer or they can be reduced to 0 if the buyer's willing to pick it up in person in Italy in one of the following cities (Milan, Florence, Siena).

For the other pieces basic non tracked shipping may be included depending on the item and quantity purchased.

Here's the list of the stuff:

1x Arduino mega clone
1x Ramps board (1.4 i think - the POLULU drivers are NOT included)
12x LM10UU
3x limit switches CSM30531D
1x Raspberry Pi B+ with camera module and 3d printed case
1x 12V 5A PSU
2x XBOX360 PSU (outs are at 12V 16.5A and 5V 3A)
2x XBOX360 PSU (outs are at 12V 16.5A and 5V 1A)

1x Olympic Gold Colorfabb filament PLA
1x Traffic Red Colorfabb filament PLA
1x Shining Silver Colorfabb filament PLA
1x Flourescent Green Colorfabb filament PLA
1x Unbranded Green filament PLA (wounded on an Ultimaker spool for quantity reference)

Offers to be made via PM, first come first serve, priority and preference given to people wanting to purchase in bulk.

Pictures of everityhing (the XBOX PSUs are show as only 1 per type in the pics but I have a total of 2x type):


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