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Re: OctoPrint

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Today I decide to add a fee items to OctoPrint.
Here is the Before picture.
OctoPrint Red before.jpg

Stated with NavBar.
Wanted the Floating NavBar so when scrolling the page the NavBar is always displayed on the screen.
Then I added NavBar Temp so the the temperature is displayed on the NavBar and viewable on every tab.

I decided to install the Tab Oder plugin this way I can control the order of the tabs.

With all these new tabs needed a way to be able to view as many of them as possible on a single screen.
So discovered Themeify this was a simple way add color and change the spacing of the Tabbed columns.

With the looks greatly improved for OctoPrint decided to also change a little in Appearance.
This allowed me to add the Name of the Printers along with changing the NavBar Color to Match their Names.

Red for Red
Blue for Blu

Then decided to add Multi-Colors this little plugin will allow you the set the filament change at heights thereby changing colors.

And the final look is excellent!
OctoPrint Red.jpg
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