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Print dimensions are not as advertised

Posted: November 1st, 2017, 10:22 am
by GrueMaster
After retuning my 3DP-17 and loading it with purple filament (wife's choice), I wanted to print something that would look good in purple (meeples doesn't do it for me), so I printed a spiral vase. Cura autoscaled it down 70% to fit this printer (220x270x200 according to the included documentation). First issue I had was the stock autolevel sensor kept getting hung up on the bed heater cable connector when trying to do a corners print test from SD. Gave up on that.

Then, as it printed the vase (which looks really good), I had to cancel at 94% because the print carriage was running into the filament sensor.

I'll run the gantry back to the top with a little clearance for the sensor and take another measurement, but I think it is closer to 180mm than 200mm. And Y is 250mm because of the sensor. At least X seems right.