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Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: September 14th, 2018, 10:11 pm
by Roberts_Clif
I have been printing PLA now for 2 years very Successfully.

So 1 week ago I ordered 3 Rolls of ABS and to my surprise today they kind of arrived. (Picture below)


You will note that out of an order of 3 rolls of filament only Red and Blue are ABS the Black was actually the most important for my needs.
And you will note in the picture this one roll of filament that I needed the most is not ABS it is PLA now this is just my luck!

And after trying to print on my Vinyl Transfer Paper with No luck I went to Blue Tape, only to find it was not the tape at all.
I had a little problem getting the Proximity Sensor slide mount to adjusted to the lower height I ran out of screw threads.
Well I wanted the first ABS print to be an average test, So I selected the Fossil Fish Key ring.
With tight corners, bridging a quick print time this was my selection for the first test print.

Setting the nozzle temperature to 130C the bed temperature to 96C fan speed to 58% started my first ABS Print.
Total print time 55 minutes. (Note this was with adjusting Speeds while watching the Print quality to My normal PLA print speed)

Checking the Z-Axis and Proximity sensor reviled that the Sensor locking screw had become loose messing with the Z-Axis calibrations.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: September 15th, 2018, 5:47 am
by Lez0
Print look good.
The main problem I have with ABS is sticking to the bed. I bough some vinyl mats and they work great.
I also don't have a cooling fan.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: September 15th, 2018, 8:24 am
by Roberts_Clif
I was having Problems with the ABS not sticking to the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape, that is why I went to the Blue Painters Tape method.
However after finding out the the Proximity Sensors mounting screw what loose and playing hell with my nozzle adjustments.
I will try again on the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape. Really need to use Loctite! on this particular attachment screw for the nozzle.

After reading everyone's posts on how to change from PLA to ABS and Back again, Was worried that my Hictop 3DP12 Aluminum Bed
would never reach the 100C, but this was not the case it reached the ABS temperatures easily.

Will now be testing the next part of this experiment, Removing the ABS and returning to PLA.
Changing from PLA to ABS is fairly easy. You setup Settup the model for ABS in the Slicer.
Extrude the ABS out of the nozzle for a while so you know all of the PLA is out of the nozzle.

Returning to PLA no so easy or is it,
If you have any remnants of ABS in the nozzle, you can try the 'Atomic' cleaning method.
You can set your nozzle temperature to ABS and run first few layers of a small print in PLA at ABS temperatures.
The print isn't going to come out very well, although this should allow you get the ABS out of the nozzle.
Then you can print your next model with your normal PLA settings.

When finished with my 3DP12 24 volt system will start the testing again on the 3DP11 12 volt system.
I know Bought the 24v supply and all 24v parts why is it still 12volts, If it works don't touch it...

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: September 15th, 2018, 10:01 am
by Roberts_Clif
Well that was too easy, may have to try this again it was so simple.

Grabbed the PLA same color placed it into extruder at PLA temperatures and pushed slightly to start the extruding process.
(Was just testing with this lower PLA temperature before going to a higher temp to see what the lowest temp needed to expel the ABS was.
Everything when as if I was changing filament of the same type thought I would have to stop the print clean the bad model and restart.
This was not the case, it went so smoothly I can not believe how I worried so much about printing with ABS.
Even left the Blue Tape on the bed to get an ideal of how well the Blue tap holds the PLA models.

This Model was printed at my normal PLA printing configurations. Total print time 54.16 minutes. I Guess printed the ABS as fast as PLA ~.
Looking at the two parts you can not tell which is which by looking the are basically identical other the the color hue.

Need to make a small note Here:
Note: Do not like the many straps of blue tape on the bed, makes it to hard to remove the parts without catching the edges of tape.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: September 15th, 2018, 11:34 am
by Roberts_Clif
Printing with 3DP11 12v Hictop.

It appears that Printing on the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape with a 3D Printer that is properly adjusted works fine the first time.
This is inserting the ABS into a system that had just printed PLA extrude a amply amount of filament to purge PLA.
May need to up the fan speed on PLA (Noted that the ABS with a higher model fan speed bridged better)

Spoke too soon Print Failure due to loose Y-Axis Belt carrier screws.'
The Y-Axis carriage moved forward dropping the hardware seen in the Photo. After that the Printing was over nothing but air.
Though what printed up to this occurrence would have been a excellent 1st Print in ABS for my 3DP11 12v 3D Printer.
It did however take a little longer to heat up the heated bed about 2 minutes guess this is not really a complaint.
2nd Print Failure screw fell out.jpg
Will check all nuts and bolts on both 3D Printers and Try again.
Grabbed the PLA close approximate color placed it into extruder at PLA temperatures and pushed slightly to start the extruding process.
(testing with the lower PLA temp again though on the 3DP11 Printer to see I could duplicate lower ABS Purge process).
Everything went as if I was changing filament of the same type again Hum! can't believe this.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: October 2nd, 2018, 3:13 pm
by Roberts_Clif
Well I decide to start the Next type ABS 230-260 temp range, started the first prints at 230C it was looking well then the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape came off the 96C Hotbed.

Started the Second ABS print 230C on my Build Surface which is like brand new because I have always used the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape seem to adhere to to build surface.
Printing three Bat-o-Rangs in black on 1st 3D Printer Blu and Printing a small G29 Whistle in white on 2nd 3D Printer ABS Red both at 230C.
I did note that the ABS smell is their have not noticed PLA smell yet because the ABS smell is overwhelming?
And it does have the tendency to want to warp if it does not have good adhesion to the bed as in the first print on the tape warped quite a bit.
It seem to want to print at a slower rate this could be because I am printing at the lower end of the melting point.
Might be that if the print speed was to increase it would require the higher temperature and have a more pungent ABS Aroma.

Will note this too on another print test. Will print at the higher temperature with a faster print speed, may even need to increase the hot-bed and chamber temperatures.
Not sure hot much this Chinese 3D Printer will handle, However I did add a cooling fan and heat sinks on all high power components.

However I am under the impression the higher the filament temperature the more likely the chances of warping. So try to stay at the lowest printable temperature.
Was not sure I could reach 96C hot bed temp though it was easily obtainable.

Post the Photo results this evening.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: October 2nd, 2018, 3:17 pm
by Roberts_Clif
The Image of the 3 Bat-o-Rangs and the whistle all in ABS printed at 230C lowest Temperature on the ABS filament Roll (230-260C).
Same as the First ABS Print however the ABS on that roll temperature was 210-240C. All part are as they came off the bed no cleanup.

ABS 3.jpg

As I was in a hurry the printed item were a little to high so all did not lay perfectly flat on the bed, they all experienced a little edge curving about 2 layer worth in total warp .56mm.

Not to bad for a really fast Z-Axis Height adjustment, on a bed surface material I rarely use to print on.
With all the experience I have had printing with Tape it has became a lot easier to setup with the build surface.

Changing from ABS back to PLA was so easy. From What I have heard was worried!

After printing with ABS while still hot I preheated again to ABS temp Inserted the PLA pushing until all ABS was removed from the PTFE throat.
Then I was ready for my Next Print Project in PLA, it printed as if never used ABS in 3D Printer. Saw no clogging or print irregularities on PLA Models..

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: October 9th, 2018, 12:52 pm
by LePaul
I can tell you that as much as I would like to try ABS...I am now completely sold on the virtues of PETG. I'm having a terrific time with the very affordable Zyltech offerings.

Re: Successful 1st ABS Print

Posted: October 10th, 2018, 10:45 pm
by Roberts_Clif
Thank you!

Wish I would have known before I spent over a C note on ABS!!

Ha HA ha