3dp17 wiring prolem

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3dp17 wiring prolem

Post by gloomyandy »

Just a quick note that may be of use to anyone else building a 3dp17.

Mine came with a ready wired control board with the wiring looms already attached, just needing to be plugged in. At first it seemed that everything was working fine. However I could not get the extruder to do anything. I'd seen various posts about extrusion being disabled but in my case the hot end was showing 200 C and seemed to be fine, I could here a slight clunk from the stepper but it did not run. I tried swapping various cables around and came to the conclusion that the pre-wired cable to the extruder was the problem, I used a meter to check all of the connections but they were fine. Finally I had a good look at how the two connectors had been wired, I noticed that for some reason the two middle wires at the stepper motor connector for the extruder were the other way round to those used on the X, Y and Z looms. I managed to extract the two crimped pins and swap them to match the other looms and now have a working extruder.

So if anyone has the same model and if you are having problems with any of the steppers it may be worth checking the looms, it seems they may not all be wired correctly.

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Re: 3dp17 wiring prolem

Post by GrueMaster »

Must be a more recent build of that model. I have the same printer, bought a year ago on Amazon, didn't have that issue.

For the most part, mine is still stock, although I did move the display to the front instead of on top. I replaced the control board with a newer model (which now disables the display SD card slot - grrr), and the stock bed mounting plate was replaced with a thicker aluminum plate. I also moved the stock autolevel sensor to an adjustable mount from Thingiverse.

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