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Environmental Enclosure

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I can tell you that having a front panel LCD is a great option. So now I want to perfect the LCD top Cover to give it a little more class.
With my currently designed environmental enclosure, all that need to be done is reach under the plexiglass and adjust the front panel controls.

The enclosure services two purposes if keeps cooler air drafts from the models, and vents the unpleasant smells outside.

My first intention was to connect a respirator filter to re-circulate the air thereby resolving the unpleasant smells and still retaining the heated air.
Upon building the enclosure, connecting the the respirator filters to the bathroom vent determined to get air flow had to adjust fan so high.
That the noise from the vent fans was driving me buggy, and living in mid Columbia Basin the dust alone would have plugged a filter quite quickly.
So went with Vent to Outside, Now venting air causes air flow which disturbs the models right. I only vent enough air to get a negative air flow.
And with the negative air flow the unpleasant smells leave the enclosure thru the vent only, still retaining the majority of the heated air.
As the enclosure maintains a constant temperature of 26C with a heat bed temp a 50C and 34C with a heat bed temp of 60C.
While I use mainly use PLA an enclosure temperature of 26C works for all my purposes.

The Twins in their new enclosure with the 3D Printed front panels
The Twins 2018-2.JPG
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