My hardware Mods

Share your hardware improvements for your HIC i3, the good and the bad!
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My hardware Mods

Post by Chaco » November 30th, 2016, 8:10 pm

Yes, just showing off my 3DP-08 printer mods for you guys

So i gotta say i am still not regretting my purchase of this cheap printer at all.
I still think its a great way to learn how printers work and become good at it.

So my mods? Not that many.
BuildTak Bed Surface
E3Dv6 full hot end
Bowden feed
Mk7 Drive Gear
Marlin 1.1.4 (My own firmware)
Relocated spool holder off frame
HIC Inductive Sensor for ABL
Power switch
LED strips for better lighting
Adjustable X belt tensioner
Adjustable Y belt tensioner
Cable chain and wire tuck
LCD rear cover

I tried to reuse as many parts as possible. So far i am enjoying it!

Future mods?
As of now. None. I got this thing dialed in so good, i call it "ol faithfull"

PS. Benchy included, because why not?

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