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Raspberry Pi Cluster

Posted: January 7th, 2020, 1:49 am
by GrueMaster
So, I have a RPI Kubernetes cluster now. Built as a learning tool for work. 4 systems, using Raspberry PI 4B 2G systems, Power Over Ethernet (POE) Hats for each, and a 5 port 1G POE switch. All cases and the rack they're going in were 3D printed over a few days on my CR-10S.

I'm still working out a cooling solution. I currently have a USB desk fan blowing over them, which keeps them at 33C, but with only passive heatsinks, they will run between 75C-79C. I need to design a housing for a 20mm fan, then come up with a power solution for the fans. I have a few ideas, though.
Once they are properly cooled, I will take them to work and start using them to develop and deploy our apps as microservices.