Stuttering/inconsistent Z height after flashing

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Stuttering/inconsistent Z height after flashing

Post by Matt »

I just flashed my Printrbot Metal Plus with the newest firmware from github after making a few changes to accommodate my new E3D V6 hot end and Titan extruder. It now does 9 point bed leveling, which all goes fine until right after the last point it tests, the hot end stops, one or many of the motors stutter, it travels to the opposite corner of the bed, and then goes towards the center of it and dives into the bed when it's about halfway there.

I tried playing around with the min Z offset, but even if I can keep the hot end from hitting the bed it always changes the starting height on me (physically, the software value is still the same) so I can never get a proper first layer down.

Any ideas? I would guess it would be the motor current, but there are no issues until that one specific spot in the leveling process. I tightened the set screws on the Z couplers and X motor. The probe looks to be at the right height and when it's doing the 9 point leveling the hot end hits the perfect height every time...I have no idea what it would be at this point.

Any ideas?

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    Re: Stuttering/inconsistent Z height after flashing

    Post by LePaul »

    Is it using a proximity sensor or a BL Touch?
    Could you detail on the wiring of the ABL you are using? Sounds like it could be anything from electrical noise to the Z limit switch/end stop sensor not plugged in correctly?

    Also, did it work before you changed the hot end?

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