Bed Thermal Fuse

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Bed Thermal Fuse

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Decided to help protect my home with some radial lead thermal fuses, this will allow for a max temperature for the the hot-bed.

The TCO (Thermal Cut−Off) responds to temperature by cutting of the power the the effective circuit.
Looking at this Thermal Fuse 133 °C 15 A 250 V, I have never raised the bed temperature over 100C.
Want to attach 4 in series to the underside of the bed, this circuit could act a emergency cut off switch.
The Thermal Fuse has a normally closed state when operating under normal conditions, when the bed gets too hot they pop like a fuse.

This could act as a switch in the firmware to turn system power off, or it could route the AC power to the system power supply.
This type of TCO has been protecting you houses for years in your coffee pots, crock pots, most of your small kitchen appliances.

Looking for a simple way to utilize this in 3D Printers.
Any suggestions...
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