3d printer with auto ejection & web queue

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3d printer with auto ejection & web queue

Post by mmiscool »


Me and some of the guys from my local maker space have been working on a 3d printer system that is fully automated. Normally when a 3d printer finishes it's work a human has to remove the 3d printed object from the machine using a spatula or a chisel.

We developed a 3d printer that automatically removes objects from the print bed and can print continuously with out human intervention.

Video of our printer.

We all put together a web based print queue that can manage multiple printers.
Basically you can set up users on the system and allow them to 3d print. They can upload a 3d model of there part and just wait for a notification email that it is completed. This is perfect for schools or business that need 3d printers that can be operated by multiple people.

Video of print queue.

The last bit is really sweet. We have integrated web based 3d modeling software all in to the same package. You can design 3d models right from your browser and send them to the printer all from the same web site.

Video of web based cad software.

Every thing is all being released open source. This means that the design plans and software a being given away for free to any one who wished to use them. There are no licence costs and hopefully people will improve the design.

We recently launched a kick starter campaign for the printer and associated software.

Links to git hub repos for the project located at the following link. I think that most of the stuff is up to date.

If any one is interested in duplicating the 3d printer and making there own I am game to help.

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Re: 3d printer with auto ejection & web queue

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Looks cool!

I don't really see much of a need for this as a single - personal user. But anywhere where there are multiple - and remote - users this is awesome. Like universities and makerspaces / fablabs.

Now all you need is an automated spool loader so that you can remotely change colors :)
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Re: 3d printer with auto ejection & web queue

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Meh. My printer is so good, it knocks prints off the bed half way in.

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