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what printer should i get

Posted: August 4th, 2019, 10:49 pm
by spikymonster
I got a ender 5 had it for about a week then returned it as the extruder clogged over night and now my girl friend thinks its a complet POS. I have been looking at a new 3d printer online and really cant figure out one to get.

She wants one thats encased for oder purposes.
I want a faster yet quieter one with a larger print table.
I will be useing it alot for gaming mini's gaming terrain and other random stuff.
It will be running alot over night and wail im at work.
I am also looking for higher quality print jobs (doesnt have to be the best just look good).
I would also like to have versitility of useing different materials but is not a 100% must have.

I do have a bugdet of give or take $1000 i could go more or less as long as it is of good quality and able to be used alot

I was looking at the xyz da vinci super for all the reason above the speed not as much but 180mm/ s isnt to bad from what i have seen on the fastest 3d printers being 500mm/s to 1000mm/s

Re: what printer should i get

Posted: August 5th, 2019, 8:09 am
by Roberts_Clif
There are many 3D Printers in this price range.
Will show my 3D Printers first, this will show expensive 3D Printers and not really required for good prints.

Here are my twins they Are Hictop a 3DP11 and a 3DP12

The Twins 2018-3.JPG
The Hictop 3D Printers range from $260 - $760 and even though they are not enclosed.
It is easy to make an enclosure, one can be made with a single sheet of fire resistance plywood.
Do not worry about the enclosure built around the printer get a large 3D Printer like the CR10.
Then build its home using IKEA or using as much wood as required.

Now with my budget not only did it get Two 3D Printers, with many Spare parts.

I Built a MPCNC using my two 3D Printers to fabricate the plastic parts.
My MPCNC-1.jpg
Now why am I telling you all this, for Under a thousand dollars I have two 3D Printers and a MPCNC.

Less expensive is not necessarily bad.
Make sure that when you purchase a 3D Printer that it is strong to last a long time.
A structure that will not warp or fall apart with the high temperatures and vibration occurring in 3D Printing.

Here is a Photo of one of my ABS 3D Prints.
To show you that these 3D Printers will print Good ABS models without warping.
By the way a Bathroom Vent installed in the rear of the enclosure to move the fumes outside.

Re: what printer should i get

Posted: August 5th, 2019, 10:18 am
by spikymonster
that is helpful but she wont let me build my own as it wouldnt be hard to do but shes on the proper side of things and very much into aesthetics side of things. not to mention with her allergies shes got all the windows taped up and tarpped off so a fume hood is also a no go

Re: what printer should i get

Posted: August 5th, 2019, 10:28 am
by GrueMaster
To add to @Roberts_Clif, I have the Hictop 3DP-17 and the Hictop CR-10S. Both handle printing miniatures just fine. Here are some of my prints (along with some of my glitches). Nozzle clogs happen from time to time. Most of mine happen when the bed adhesion fails and the print head keeps pushing material with no place to go.

Re: what printer should i get

Posted: August 5th, 2019, 11:36 pm
by spikymonster
i will look them up and see what they are like thanks
also nice prints

yes i do know that is what i think happened