Can you really have too many great printers?

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Can you really have too many great printers?

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Well my printer count has gone a little crazy. I brought home # 12 a week ago.

In my defense, the past two were for sale locally and lightly used. (One seller's wife made it very clear SHE DID NOT APPROVE of the purchase so the sell price was really quite good!)

Here's what I have at the moment....

3 Creality CR-10S 3D Printers. Each have been upgraded to Wham Bam print surfaces and the Bondtech Direct Drive System as well as a BL Touch

1 Creality CR-10S Pro recently arrived in good shape. I just received the parts from Tiny Machines to replace the prox sensor with a BL Touch and the files to upgrade it to the latest version (v3). This is my first touch-screen printer and it beeps like a 2001 Nokia cell phone. Thankfully the sound is off now!

1 Ultimaker 2+ It's still going strong!

1 Tevo Tornado This printer did about 3 prints and the glass shattered when I was attempting to replace the bed spring. Since then, it has largely sat on the sidelines since so many other issues became apparent. The cheap drivers produced a salmon skin effect the AC bed has some questionable grounding concerns. I've purchased some parts for it to upgrade but haven't gotten to it yet...I did install an MKS GenL board and 2208/8729 (E) drivers to quiet it down. I also have a second Z lead screw kit and a custom Bondtech Direct Drive System for it (24v system). Once I am certain the thing won't electrocute me, I'll get it going!

1 Anycubic Chiron. This was offered to me by Anycubic...they wanted to offer me one to review on my YouTube Channel but due to COVID and everything out of stock, they came up with this. It was an Amazon Return and they have no idea if it was used, had issues or the buyer just decided the thing wasnt for him. So, for $100, I got a Chiron that may be a nightmare or the best bargain in a while! I'm listening to the various Chiron users talk about wires being tinned and other squawks that should be fixed. I'm awaiting some silicone stranded wire to make some changes and also changed out the tinned wires going into connector blocks. Those now have ferrule connectors...and once I get that thing together, we will see how well it works stock...I mean, you know me! :-D

Eryone Thinker S and Eryone Thinker SE. The only difference is the "S" has the magnetic , spring steel/pei bed. It's quite good and in defense of the S, the glass is very good. If you can wait an hour for your print to cool, prints pop off. These CR-10 clones are interesting, with 2208 drivers and the power supply is not attached (built in). Overall these have been really solid printers. The stock extruder/hot end is nothing special but works nicely with everything I've tossed at it. I've seen my SE have some issues with the gantry not staying level and I think those belt/pulley lead screw sync kits might be the fix. The Eryone printers do not have eccentric nuts, not matter how many times we ask their engineers to add them. Once the v slot wheels wear in, they will probably spin freely against the aluminum extrusions.

The Folgertech FT-6 has been a long, hard road. I kept having some weird sounds from the bed which all went away once I lubricate the lead screws. It would creak and cause the bed to move slightly, which was enough to make the ABL probes give up probing. Who knew! Grease was the fix! I've installed an SKR 1.4 Turbo and Duet Wifi plug in, so the machine has 2209 drivers on XYZ and 8729 (more torque) on Z. Rather than paying big bucks for the Duet, I have the SKR board and whatever drivers I want (and the board will support). Its really amazing to only hear fans on this machine now. The stock 4988 drivers would really howl. I'm dialing in some more settings and then the big prints can begin!

The FT-5 is also due to gain an SKR 1.4 - Duet combo board.

And finally... the Folgertech i3 Mega is still working! It has an E3D Titan Aero and the EZABL Pro on it. I'm having issues with the MKS board not powering on the part cooling fan (5015 blower) so I may go SKR for this machine, too!

Why so many? Why not!

Seriously, now that these machines are close to being dialed in for accurate 3D printing, I am in hopes of queuing them up with my project needs.

I won't have them all going at once, that's crazy...but I've had an electrician checking out what the wiring can handle. I also want to put more of them in enclosures with active fire protection and ventilation.

It's not as impressive as anything Tony Stark would have....but I'm having a great time!

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