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print stops

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My Tarantula is worked fine in the first two months.
After I have changed location of the printer from one table to another I have stated to have random stops at the middle of the print.
I can not put my finger what is causing the problem yet.
when it stops no error is displayed the the x,y motor are not hot at all (was suspecting its a driver issue)
some prints are competed fine and some just halts.
I am using octopi with wifi and I suspect the problem is related to networking. I completed few good prints when uploading to SD card first.
but still it occurs.

read somewhere that usb cable between printer and octopi can cause these strange problems.

have someone encountered such a problem ? or just guide me how to figure out what is causing it.



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Re: print stops

Post by Roberts_Clif »

There could be many reasons why your 3D Printer would stop in the middle of a print.

1. USB cable too long or a cheap cable grade.
2. improper size wire between power supply and controller board.
3. Controller to LCD cabling routed over stepper motor drivers.
4. Power supply voltage adjusted above the recommend supply voltage level.
  • 12 volt supply should be adjusted to 12V
  • 24 volt supply should be adjusted to 24V
5. Electrical power line noise interference.
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