Slic3r, 'Cura' and EEPROM settings speadsheets

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Slic3r, 'Cura' and EEPROM settings speadsheets

Postby Chip Luck » April 22nd, 2016, 11:46 am

Just thought I would share my worksheet I use to track Slic3r, some Cura settings as I'm calibrating my machine, a HICTOP i3. It may come of use for other Slic3r and HIC i3 users, or even just those that need to record settings for any printer that uses mainly Slic3r and 'some' Cura, however you can update or change as necessary for your own use. It has helped me being fairly new at 3D printing to track my changes and keep my current settings in one place, I case I forget!

Slicer settings screenshot

EEPROM settings screenshot
Slic3r 'Cura' and EEPROM spreadsheet
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