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Post by LePaul » April 5th, 2016, 10:04 am


We have seen some new users come over and wanted to let you know a few quick things...

1) To defeat spammers, we have a 2 post approval process. Meaning, we invite you to post but those first two will be reviewed by the moderator team. After those two posts have been approved, you are moved to the Registered User setting. With four moderators, it does not take long to have your post approved.

2) If you are looking to follow new posts, the "Quick Links" in the upper left hand corner will be your best friend!

3) We invite you to use the User Map to show us where you are from! Many are from Western Europe with a couple here in the United States while others are from all over the planet. We welcome you!

Anything I have missed?

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