Annual Website Renewals....donations appreciated!

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Annual Website Renewals....donations appreciated!

Post by LePaul »

Hello friends of the Forum!

Every year, I get the email from GoDaddy for our annual hosting charges.

If you find the forum useful and wish to help me defray the costs of keeping this forum going, I'd appreciate it!

If you're's just over $300 a year with hosting, dedicated IP, backups and we upgraded the storage limits a while back too.

Just hit the Donate button up on the top menu!

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Re: Annual Website Renewals....donations appreciated!

Post by Roberts_Clif »

Please Donate to keep 3D Printing Forum going.
3D Printing forum has 843 active members and if I could convince everyone to donate only one dollar.
We could keep this forum an our line to new innovations for our 3D Printing hobbies going for almost 3 years.

Please reach for this single dollar bill today and help us help you.
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