My model of a British 24 PDR Cannon - the HMS Victory

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My model of a British 24 PDR Cannon - the HMS Victory

Post by Chip Luck » June 17th, 2016, 11:02 am

With my now re-kindled interest in cannon and looks like now a future employment en devour on the subject matter, I printed a very nice scale object/model based on a 18th century British 24 pdr cannon, the type found on the British ship, the HMS Victory cira 1805. They were reported to have been made from around 1785 to 1822. My plans are in the works to make a working scale signal/black powder cannon in the near future.

This was a very good test project for the printer. The small clamps, brackets, round cannon barrel, axles, etc. were a lot of fun to get dialed in. Over 20 parts in all is modeled like the real cannon and carriage, you use very small hardware to actually fasten it together. Still have to get some artist acrylic paints to apply proper finished purchase some miniature 1.4mm threaded rod and nuts to properly assemble.

This is the first real use of my printer to go from 'just' a 3D printed prototype to an actual model, I'm looking forward to it!

Credit goes to the original model creator found here:

- Settings: Slicer Cura, PLA @ 205c, Print Speed = 40mm/sec, Travel Speed = 120, Perimeters = 3 Bottom/Top Layers = 3
- Resolution: small clamps = 0.1mm, all the rest = 0.2mm layer height

Currently I'm printing out one in x1.7 scale which will render the cannon having a ~0.5" bore which I will be manufacturing an actual scale cannon out of a machined brass stock. Then we are going onto a full scale replica of this type cannon with approximately a 3" bore with cast iron like the original. The one shown below is the non-scaled prototype version resulting in a ~0.25" cannon bore:
Cannon parts printed
Cannon still needs some hardware
Cannon nomenclature reference
Anyone here interested in cannon, would love to hear from you. Soon will have the 0.5" bore operational one completed with real wood carriage and proper scale hardware and fittings.



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