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Today I watched tickets to the next festival ChaosConstructions, and saw the sponsor of the company that produces DLP and SLM printers. The most interesting thing is that they wrote their own slicer, which, according to their statements, can in FDM, too, and at the same time has a lot of nice things. Distribution the trial version downloaded here: Now over 2400 km from the house, but to assess the performance of the slicer that is not important. The post will complement the results. If anyone also wants to try, it will be great.

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Re: Triangulatica

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I see nothing here to download (download link is recursive to the front page). Also, their $9999 annual subscription pricing is a show stopper for hobbyists.

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Re: Triangulatica

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$10,000 dollars a year far exceeds my budget for all my hobbies to say the least for Fused Layer Modeling/Fused Deposition Modeling Printer.

Can a single 3D Printer working 24 hours a day print fast enough to make a viable profit with this added overhead only printing 8760 hours a year.

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