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Getting better profiles

Posted: January 31st, 2017, 4:03 pm
by Izzy
Hi Guys, im looking for help to get better print profiles. Running with a 35W heater.
I'm starting with PLA and have a good profile for 100um layers, printing at 45mm/s, 205'C, I get a good test cube. (a square tube 50mm x 50mm x 6mm thick, 50mm long) built with 3 wall thickness, 1.2mm top and bottom surfaces and a 25% infill with.
I'm happy with the quality of the surface finishes with the mk1 eyeball, looking at it under high magnification you can see that there is a slight wave to the edge, (the index small lines are at 0.1mm)
100um sample.jpg
This is fine for the majority of jobs i do on my hub, but I have had some large jobs and need a good profile for 200um layers, the next image is of that test, again 45mm/s, 220'C, and same general setting as the 100um profile but the part shows underextrusion, but the surface finish is poor, I want to improve it to print twice as quick
200um sample.jpg
I also tested at 150um
150um sample.jpg
Any help in sorting out these problems is gratefully recieved and I will add another Post with the profile settings