Oh my... Filaments from beer, hemp and biomass

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Oh my... Filaments from beer, hemp and biomass

Post by ivan.akapulko »

Today skinny-kid from UM forum send me link to this. Specs look like a ordinary PLA filament (same temperature of heater and bed), but with extraordinary addition. Color of printed beer cup looks pretty well, like a some polished wood, imo.

Hemp: http://www.3domusa.com/shop/entwined-hemp-filament/
Biomass: http://www.3domusa.com/shop/biomass-filament/
I've try to order test samples, but FilaBits doesn't open :-(

What do you think, folks?

Anders Olsson
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Re: Oh my... Filaments from beer, hemp and biomass

Post by Anders Olsson »

It would certainly be interesting to try some of these materials.

I printed a few things with Laybrick and it is an awesome material!
The metal filled stuff like bronzefill is really good too.

Laywood on the other hand is one filament I haven't mastered yet, it just clogs the nozzle like nothing I have ever experienced before.

But I am sure some of these new materials can produce really nice surfaces, especially since they had some time to develop these and learn from the mistakes of the previous less successful filaments.

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Re: Oh my... Filaments from beer, hemp and biomass

Post by Meduza »

Colorfabb's WoodFill is quite nice as long as you never leave it hot in the nozzle, since if you do it will carbonize and clog the nozzle horribly in no time at all. I printed a case for a friend that needed to blend into a piece of MDF furniture, and after some sanding it was really blending in well even before the painting, after the painting it blended in even better.

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Re: Oh my... Filaments from beer, hemp and biomass

Post by GrueMaster »

I just ordered a spool of 3D Fuel Coffee filament. It will arrive after I have left for LinuxFestNW, so I won't get to play with it until next week, but it sounded like it could be real fun.

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