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Re: Heated bed adhesion

Posted: May 6th, 2017, 12:18 pm
by Izzy
Hi Jeff, your about 40 minutes away, I'm just down the A3 from the Hindhead tunnel in Bordon area.
I use you filament sharpener by the way. Most of the mods I've done and designed myself are on Youmagine under the handle of 'Izzy'
I'm doing some testing and prints with a 0.25mm Nozzle at the moment, just finishing of the bits of the right wing for a Braq dragon at 1/2 scale, in Faberdashery Glowbug yellow, I need to also print the eyes, not sure what colour to paint the eyes yet so may do several sets.

Re: Heated bed adhesion

Posted: May 11th, 2017, 9:12 pm
by VitalSparks
Hi Izzy,

Ah-Yes, the (In)famous Hindhead Tunnel, that monstrous yet very impressive earthworks that suddenly appeared in what can best be described as the middle of no-where. OK, all the locals knew about it, obviously, but for the rest of who don't update their sat-navs every 20 milliseconds, it created utter chaos and confusion. I rarely update mine, because it is built into the car and needs a CD to do that, which is extremely expensive, and is only available every 2-3 years.

In 2014, we went to a wedding near Southampton (the sat-nav screwed up there too, because it had never heard of the address that we had to go to (it was an old pig-farm that had apparently recently been converted and renamed), so we missed most of the service). Anyway, on the way home, around midnight, after passing through several spooky unlit villages, we were expecting to join the M3 at Hindhead (so the lady on the sat-nav said). We entered Hinhead, and the lady said 'Turn Right onto London Road' which we did, only to be confronted with a huge gate across the road with nothing resembling a road on the other side. This story could go on forever, just like our search for the M3 did. Obviously the residents of Hindhead hold the M3 with contempt, because we found no road signs that mentioned it. Oh yes, we did find one, which had obviously been turned around to face somewhere else, and the M3 wording had been sprayed over with black paint. After nearly an hour driving round looking for the lights and sounds of a motorway to no avail, we phoned the RAC to report the M3 had been stolen, and could they please tell us how to get out of this hell-hole.

They were very good, and gave us directions while we drove and then... a most amazing sight! We found it - disappearing into a huge, 4-lane brightly-lit massive hole in a hillside. It bought back memories of that scene in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. Having been bathed in total darkness for the last hour, this was a total blinding shock! I don't think we would have been more surprised if scientists announced that they had discovered a Burger-King on the moon!

Anyway, enough of that. Yes, I have used a 0.25 nozzle for a while. and was amazed at the clarity and detail in the model I made which was only 5mm high! The trouble I had was, that after a couple of weeks the nozzle blocked and I never managed to clear it and get to use it again. But I now have a special flexible 0.25 nozzle-clearing drill, so I may try using it again sometime soon if this works.

I must take a look at your stuff on YouMagine. I keep meaning to put some stuff up there myself, but never seem to find the time. For the last 4 months I've been working 24/7, preparing stuff for my stand at the UKGames Expo in Birmingham.

Re: Heated bed adhesion

Posted: May 12th, 2017, 1:53 pm
by Izzy
Hi Jeff, for navigation try a free app called 'Waze' a great app that you can update with any Problems (if your not the driver under UK laws etc.) it very upto the minute with problems etc,
Give it a try.'

Re: Heated bed adhesion

Posted: May 12th, 2018, 6:52 am
by Lez0
Hi all
I have been using these mats and they work very well with ABS.
If you get the nozzle too close to the bed it's very difficult to get the parts off. I use a thin scraper to get them off.